Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Am An Official Swede!

I am an official Swede! Got some Swedish clothes 
and decided that I love it here!

This week had been nuts! So much has happened in such a little time! 

So to start it all off we were doing service for a part member family and it was so much fun. We did a bunch of yard work (Swedish people are still doing yard work even though it is FREEZING) But it was so cool. It's starting to get pretty cold here but not to bad. Every time that I tell a Swede that is few cold out, they just laugh and me and then tell me that in a few week I will be praying for this weather. So that is exciting. 

So something that was funny was I think it was Thursday we went to this members house, and when he answers the door he looks at me and says "Hello, Kaleb." it's threw me off because no one calls me Kaleb here. So I asked how he knew my name and he says that he Googled my name and found my Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram... It was pretty awesome. So the whole night he would randomly quote a awkward tweet of mine or ask me about my high school. So yeah that was a bit strange, but way funny. 

Then we went to Göteborg for Mission Conference so that was way fun! I ended up staying in Göteborg for the weekend on exchanges with one of our zone leaders. Super funny guy, It was way fun to be in a new area! So crazy! Sweden gets more and more amazing every single day! 

Oh funny story, so we get out of this one lesson and he is like: "Okay we need to go southeast to our next investigator.." So I ask how are we supposed to know which way is the southeast? And no joke he starts calculating what quadrant of the sky the sun is in and he is saying all this stuff about where the sun sets and then he just like points and says: "We will go this way." So we walk, walk, and walk and where are walking? I don't know, it was a beautiful walk though so I wasn't complaining. Then he just stops and take a hard right turn and I'm thinking "We gonna get so lost, this is insane." Like we are in the middle of a small forest. Then BAM out of no where there is a house and he is like: "Yep, just like I thought." It was so awesome. This mission is full of surprises! 

I just follow most of the people here blindly. Then we went to the Saturday night session of Stake Conference. It's like a huge deal here because some people are traveling like 2 hours to be at it! So then we went out and got the best thing known to man - Kebab Pizza, It's this pizza that they put this meat that I have no idea what it is... and they put fries all over it and then like this dressing that is insanely good. I love it. I don't know what meat it is, and every time I ask, everyone tells me that I don't want to know.. So it's whatever! I just eat it and be happy!! 

Guess what is the most served thing to eat here? Tacos! It's so random, but everyone loves tacos! I haven't had any fish but I have had tacos like 10 times! So random but oh man they are so good. I haven't gained any weight... So that is good. I don't think I will be gaining weight here so sorry to disappoint. 

So one more quick way gross/funny story. So we are walking in Stockholm yesterday and we are walking down a way public sidewalk and I kid you not there is a hobo standing in the corner of the street, just pooping. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK. I just didn't know what to think. I have no hope for humans. Seriously is this what we have come to? Where is the humanity. It was so funny but so nasty all in one moment. It took quite some time for me to regroup and be able to function again. First trip to Stockholm... Success. 

Well all-in-all this week was great. Really hard at times, but just so awesome. This mission is just such a blessing. I love it. I love you and thank you for everything you are doing and have done to get me here. I could not ask for a better support system! I Love You. Have a wonderful week. I am praying for you always! '

Äldste Farnworth

Giant Insane Asylum Building that is being made into an IKEA
The park we walked through the whole theme is the ocean so this is a whale. 
The top has a water fall like the blow hole!
Amazing Göteberg is so pretty!!
This is where they have stake conference! It's super huge event
and they have a Saturday night session and a Sunday session
Just a normal walk.. Seriously everything is so beautiful
Me watching Conference
Walk-in shower. Proof the Lord loves me.

This is funny. This rock is in the middle of the walk way so instead of moving it... 
They build a barrier around it. Makes sense.

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