Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kaleb arrives in Sweden!

*We talked to Kaleb on the phone while he was at the airport.  His Swedish was amazing and he was so excited to go to Sweden.  His testimony is so strong, he will be an amazing missionary.

Here is the email we received on Tuesday from the mission home in Sweden:

Dear Parents;

Your wonderful missionaries arrived today safe and sound and are currently sleeping at the Mission Home. In a few days you will receive another email from us with a couple of pictures and letters.

Syster Lowry
Mission Secretary

Sweden Stockholm

 *We received a handwritten letter that the Mission home scanned and emailed.  Kaleb is happy and loving the city.  He said that Sweden looks like downtown Disney!  He toured the city with all the new missionaries.  His Mission President is Gregory Newell and he seems awesome.  He sat down with Kaleb and all the new missionaries at the mission home and interviewed each of them.

Kaleb's 1st companion's name is Elder Nicholas Olson and they will serve in Skovde, Sweden.  His P-day will be on Monday's

The Mission Home sent instructions for sending packages:

Dear Family and Friends of our Missionaries,
We want to pass along some important information and tips that will assist you in getting mail and packages to your missionary.   

Letters and packages sent through the Postal Services that are four (4) pounds and under are forwarded immediately to your missionary.

Things that cause delay to your packages:
·         Packages over four (4) pounds
·         Overnight packages
·         Certified or Registered mail
·         Using any carrier other than the Post Office

We suggest the following for your packages to arrive in a timely manner:
·         Send your packages through the Post Office
·         Don’t put more than four (4) pounds in a package, send more packages if required
·         Plan ahead to meet your deadlines

Packages heavier than 4 pounds may be sent directly to the missionaries’ apartment.  However, if your missionary is transferred and your package arrives, it will be the responsibility of your missionary to pay to have the package sent to their new area.  Please keep in mind transfers do not always happen at regularly scheduled times.   If you send a package, be sure to write the address exactly as it is given to you by your missionary.  In Sweden there are names on the doors that are required to be part of the address in order for the mail to be delivered, otherwise it will be returned. 

The tithing funds can not be used to forward packages to missionaries.  If a package arrives in the office that is over four (4) pounds or if it is sent by a carrier other than the Post Office, we will inform the missionary and ask if he/she wants us to charge their personal account for the cost to forward it to them, or if they are willing to wait until someone will be visiting that area, which may take up to a month.    .

Please remember that ALL medication sent need to be listed as Missionary Supplies on the customs declaration (green) form.  Be sure you tape all boxes well, especially corners.  We have received several packages where the corners have been torn and contents have been lost.

Be sure to use this address when sending mail and packages to your missionary through the mission office
Äldste/Syster Missionary Name
Enebybergsvägen 38
182 46 Enebyberg

Please share this information with your family members and friends to ensure that your missionary receives packages and mail in a timely manner.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
Sweden Stockholm Mission 


Ariving in Sweden

Elder Farnworth and his first companion Elder Olson.
 They will be serving in Skovde Sweden

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