Sunday, February 23, 2014

I really like Linkoping... (2/10/14)

This week was full of a lot of change. I am not in Skövde anymore. It has been really good though! I love it here! It told a little bit to get over all of the change but once I put more trust in the Lord he helped me find peace right away. It has been great. The area now is a bit slower, but Elder Landeen has done a bit of good stuff to set up the area to be really amazing. So yesterday was the first time I had been to church here and it was weird because the church isn't like a church, it is in the basement of a building that has a dental office in the upstairs. I really think it is cool, because I really learned a lesson from it, I learned that is doesn't matter where you are or how you are receive the gospel, like the spirit is all the same.

Church is church. The branch is really cool here. I really am excited about it! We have a really strong week planned. I just can feel that the Lord is going to guide us to those who will give us success. I am super happy. On Friday, we were doing weekly planning. I wanted to set up a lot for this upcoming week. So I just called a ton of potential investigators and set up a ton of stuff, so I am thinking that this upcoming week is going to be freaking sweet. I am really going to push my hardest to be the best I can be here. I see a ton of potential here.

 I live with 3 other Elders and I really like them all. We have a ton of fun. We talk a ton and I am really getting to know them super good. Their names are Elder Hills, who is my district leader, Elder Steen, his companion, and then my companion Elder Landeen, who is my old history teacher's nephew... So that is weird. ALSO do you remember that girl named Holly that I was friends with? She got married to that guy?
Well ask Jacob if you don't know her. Well the guy that she married is my companion’s cousin. We found that out the first night. That was pretty funny. We have gotten along super good. I am really happy.

I am looking forward to the package. I can't wait to get it. I am totally fine without the picture, I don't know what else I need. I am pretty happy. I really like Linköping. It's gonna be a blast. I don't a ton of time for email, but I love you so much and I am sorry but I haven't taken any pictures yet but I will take some this week and get them to you as soon as possible. I love you and hope you have a GREAT week. I am praying for you!

Äldste Farnworth

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