Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Transferring to Linköping (2/3/15)

First off, Happy 48th Birthday Dad! I am so excited that I will be home for your 50 birthday! That will be fun! Hope you are feeling better!

So I will be transferring to Linköping. Before you go around telling people, let me tell you how to pronounce it. In Swedish the "i" makes the "ee" noise AND the "köping" sounds like "shiping" SO like in English it's Leenshiping. So you can know correctly tell people that your son is in Linköping. Okay so I think you should send me an audio file of how you pronounce it. That would be funny.

So this week has flown by so quickly I can barely remember what happened. It was a great week. We have worked very hard to do all that we could to help the next missionaries have a smooth transition. We had something really cool happen. We have this man named Issa, who has been investigating the Church for some time now. We went and saw him this last week for the first time in a little while. He was very nice as before, this time when we got to his house he told us that he had friends that he had been "preparing for the Mormons." We are excited to meet his friends and see if they were interested in the church. We met a little Armenian family. The mother is the only one who can speak English or Swedish. So as we taught she translated key points to the rest of her family. She said that she was very interested in learning more, and being baptized. When I asked if she would want to create a baptismal date as a goal to work toward, she said that she needs to read the Book of Mormon first, but she said that she is thinking that she would want to take that step to come closer to Christ. It was so exciting! I am so happy to have been able to found her and then allow the new missionaries the chance to teach and bring her and her family to Christ. It was a great reminder that the Lord is preparing people out here.

In my personal studies this week I had some really great experiences. Last week, I made the goal to really put 100% into my studies for this week. I went out and bought a new study journal that I could place my thoughts and in the first day I could feel the difference. It was super cool to see that when I put in a little extra work the Lord see's that and really helped me feel so much better with everything. I am really excited to go to my new area.

Just to help you understand what kind of branch it is. It's small, Skövde has about 35-40 active members. Linköping has about 15-20, It's gonna be a lot smaller. I am really excited to get there and start working. One of my friends is becoming a assistant to the President so I am so excited for him. He has like 6 weeks left so that is really cool! I don't have tons of other news -  just that! Hope you all have a great week! Love you all so much!

Äldste Farnworth

Sister Berggren, My other Swedish Grandma. Seriously love her

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