Monday, April 13, 2015

Like, I don't think you realize how much fun I am having. (4/13/15)

Best Boat Ride.
Pearson and I
This week has been a crazy week. I feel like so much good things have happened and then church on Sunday was just the seal that made everything just awesome. We can start with Monday, we went to this island that is in the middle of the lake that I live by, it was really amazing. There is a family that lives there that we went to visit for the evening it was really night! The boat ride home was seriously so pretty and when the sun started setting... Oh man it was perfect. There are some pictures of that boat ride for sure. The family was really nice and we loved being there with them! We met so many wonderful people this week. I feel super duper thankful. 
We got a random call from this guy who had just moved here, his name was Williams and he is so cool. He is African and got baptized a while back, kinda didn't know where the church was here so hadn't been in a while. We quickly fixed that and he was so set on coming to church. The best part? He came! It was really cool to see the ward welcome him so warmly and to have it be such a positive experience for him. He is teaching us a little 'broken English'. Like an African version of English, pretty cool. 
Sports Day!
Youth BBQ
 The Youth of Jönköping are taking the prize for the fellowshipping. Like, I don't think you realize how much fun I am having. They are the best, we got invited to a BBQ and we went and there was a ton of people there! I was impressed, and we had a great time, good music, good games, priceless evening.                            There was even some Kubb that was being played so it was honestly the best. We even played a while bunch of sports again on Saturday and that was good too. Again, a ton of people and a great time. We played soccer and I totally scored nbd. The sun was out! Ah, such a good day! I keep saying that but like all the days are just awesome!

My new Addiction.
We had an another really great lesson with our investigator, Annika. She is so wonderful and someone I love meeting with. If you can't remember she was the one who we have a blessing to and the sprint was really strong. Well she asked if we could come back and give her another blessing! We were super curious as to why, seeing that she said she didn't believe in anything. It was unbelievably cool to hear that she really felt something last time and she even told us she wanted to receive those same feelings again. We talked for a while and had a really great time, we gave her another blessing after explaining those feelings and it was overall a really great lesson. Looking forward to more! 
International Dinner.

Yesterday, I sang in church again! The song was "I Know My Redeemer Lives" which was really fun, I found out on
Saturday morning I would be singing and we threw something together it went well! It was a good Sunday! there were so many new faces in church and the members seemed to be stoked about that. All the members here just seriously rock. Like I don't even know what to do. There are so many kids here too! It makes the ward have so much energy!
Summer time means Summer clothes!

Jönköping is turning it's leaf and becoming summer. Or at least Spring. It is freaking awesome and I just want it to continue more and more. The members are awesome, the work is awesome, the city is awesome. Not to much to complain about! 
Love you all and miss you! 

Äldste Farnworth 

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