Sunday, January 12, 2014

Glad The Holidays Are Over (1/6/15)

Haha I'll be honest with you! I am so happy all the holiday are over! I was talking with this funny elder from Utah, that goes home in like 3 months. He told me that as missionaries you start to hate holiday because it means that the investigator work is harder. And I agreed with him! These last two weeks have been really really hard. But I am so excited for this week! It is going to be great! We have a ton planned and me and Elder Simmons get along great! He is a lot like Jacob personality wise. Very easy going and not one to talk down to me! I l really love it! Sorry we have not taking pictures of us yet but we will soon :)

Your New Year's Party sounded like a lot of fun! I wish I was there. I sure you had a blast. We went bowling for the New Year here. We went to this really fancy bowling alley. Like you have to pay to check your coat. Everything that is normal in the US is like really fancy here. I think it is because they know Americans will pay a lot for the little things. Well they were right, but a young adult in the ward in Göteborg paid for like 20 missionaries to go bowling. How freaking nice is she?? It was amazing. So fun! Okay that is all that happened.

Editor's Note: I asked Kaleb if he had anything I could tell my Sunday school class. Like something that he wished he knew (or believed) when he was the kids in my class' age. Here is his answer.

I wish that when I was that age, I understood the Atonement better. It has only been out here that I have really realized that because of Christ and what he did we can be 100% percent clean. Also to LOOK FORWARD. I have a story. So I was walking through the mall trying to get missionaries to follow me so we could go bowling. And trying to get a group of missionaries to walk is like next to impossible. SO I ended up walking backward to try to keep there attention. While walking backward I totally nailed this old lady! I felt so terrible! I can liken this to always look forward and then you can better see what is going to happen in life. If we are so focused on what is behind us we will not be prepared to meet what is in front of us! When we make mistakes we repent. But just as important we need to then look forward and MOVE ON. We need to leave that mistake in the past and not dwell on it. If we do we might miss something in the future (or run in to old ladies)... :)

Hope that is good. Love you so much!!

Äldste Farnworth

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