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The Lord is Teaching Me What I Need To Know (1/20/15)

This last week was a ton of fun. We did a lot and yes, Elder Simmons 
and I have a ton a fun. We work hard too, don't get the wrong idea we
just know how to do both! It is a good thing. I think the biggest
thing that I have learned from having companions is just learning to
let little things go and to look past little things that bother me.
It's been really good thing to learn! Also to just see the good. That
is really important. I have also learned that I can not wait to be
alone again. I cherish my time in the bathroom (The only place we are
allowed to be alone.) I don't know if this is what a mission is
supposed to do, but I also learned that I don't want to get married
for a long time. I am not ready to do all of this 'eternal companion'
stuff yet. But overall with companions, I am learned that working
together requires sacrifice and you have to be willing to compromise!

That is really amazing your missionary story! We have some statistic
here in Europe, they tell us that if we are trying to finding people
to baptism about 1 in every 30,000 people that we contact (stopping
people on the streets or by knocking on their door) on average will
accept our message and enter the waters of baptism. However, with a
member referral 1 in every 3 people that work with the missionaries to
be baptized will accept the message. It is so important to help the
missionaries and you are doing that! That is so amazing.

This week we have really done a lot of finding. It is something that
we are really trying to improve. We can't teach until we have someone
TO teach. Yesterday at about 2pm President Newell called and he told us
that we would be stopping by for interviews. So we went home and he
came shortly after that. During the interview he stressed the
importance of having strong goals that will push ourselves to go
further and further. He told us about all of these times that people
that he knew or even missionaries in Sweden have exercised their faith
and they planned with the Lord and prayed for a baptismal date. The Lord
helped everyone of those people achieve those goals. So I am sure you
can guess what Elder Simmons and I did that night. We prayed very hard
and set a date we feel was inspired by the Lord that we are going to
baptize by. I am really excited. I feel very strongly that our faith
will pay off. However, I do understand that this needs to be the will
of my Heaven Father as well. At any rate, I am excited.

Another exciting thing that President Newell told me is that this
upcoming transfer on the 5th, I will be transferring! I don't know
where yet but I know that I will be moving. So my mission is just
about to be turned upside down. I am very exciting. I really feel that
this is going to make me grow as a missionary! I have only a few weeks
left in Skövde so I am going to give every I have into this area
before I leave.

So my spiritual message for that this week has taught me is the power
of an effective studying of the Book of Mormon. Lately I was feeling
off. Not in a negative way I just like I felt off. Sorry I can't
explain it. Anyways, I tried to look back and see what it could be
that is wrong. I went through my days and didn't see anything that
really stuck out to me. Then I was watching a talk from a video on that really helped me realize my problem. It was my morning
studies, I was doing them, I just wasn't giving them all the focus I
should have been. So within the next few day I really tried to refocus
and set goals to get back to the studies that I was doing in the MTC.
Over the next few day I could see the difference in my everyday
missionary work. Since then I have seen that even on days that I may
not have taught a ton of people, I know and that I strengthen my faith
with my personal faith that morning. It is so important and I am sure
that the Lord watches and is running my studies in the morning. He is
teaching me what I need to know. I am so thankful for that time.

Thanks for all you do for me! I love you so much! I can't believe you
are my mother I am so lucky! I hope you have a great week! Love you! I
am praying for you and am thankful that you are praying for me! I can
feel it!

Äldste Farnworth

Winter Wonderland in Sweden

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