Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I am eager to serve others and make it a Christmas to remember (12/8/14)

Dear Everyone!

Well I am so glad to hear that Jacob is okay, I can't believe he was in such a bad car accident! That is like the news of the year!! So glad to hear to that he wasn't injured, I hope the girls that were injured will heal quickly. That is a good way to get my blood pumping, but I can just say that I am really happy that everything is good! 

Well this week we have been going! It has been a crazy ride and I have LOVED every moment of it. We started it out kinda slow and we hard some dark days ( literally there was no sun ) and we didn't have to much going on but the we had an amazing lesson that just made my entire week amazing! We met with our investigator and we decided on a date for him to be baptized.  We are looking at the 28th of December and I am so excited. He is such a strong faithful man! I love it! He is going great and I love him. So humble. 

Our cool little group!

We had a lot of great things happen. We had a few members take us to IKEA for a Christmas buffet! It was soo good and it was just like the most selfless thing ever. She just took us to a store and told us to buy whatever we wanted and she would pay for it. We, of course, were ever cheap and didn't drive her to the bank. I got myself a Christmas Star and and I just feel really Swedish now. Members in Hägersten are totally rocking it. I just hope that we will get invited somewhere for Christmas Eve, we will see. Don't worry I am thinking we will. 

I got my Christmas Package and I loved it! It was a great pick-me-up in the cold winter weather! The stocking was a great touch and my companion and I were very grateful! You guys totally rock! 

For Lucia day, our young women are doing there own program for the ward. Guess who they asked to be the "Star Boys" We look really funny but just know. THIS ISNT A JOKE. We are really dressing like this because of the Swedish tradition. I will just be blunt, we look like KKK members, but we aren't so stop thinking that. Haha, it is an awesome experience for us Americans, once in a life time right? :) We will probably have more picture with the actually performance on Thursday! 

Oh! Speaking of performances, you know those missionaries that sing in church during Christmas time? Well I am now one of them. This lady asked if I would sing in church and I said yes after we had so much fun singing with the Young Women a few weeks ago. I didn't know she meant ONLY me singing. So yes, I am doing a solo of the song, O' Holy Night. Should be good, pray for me just in case. That will be on the 21st of December... 

Time is really going fast. I love my mission so much. The time I have here I am starting to feel is short but I am really confident that I am giving the Lord my best. I am trying my hardest to bring the souls of the people in Sweden unto Christ. 

This is my subway stop!
I love that new Church video! Wow, we have shared that with EVERYONE. Even after seeing that film like 50 or 60 times I still just get this overwhelming spirit that is there and testifying of the birth of our Savior. I had the chance yesterday to bare testimony of that in church and the words came so easy, I knew the spirit was with me. 

I miss you all this wonderful Christmas Season. However, I am eager to serve 
others and make it a Christmas to remember. I love you all so much. 

With love from Sweden,

Äldste Farnworth 

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