Monday, December 1, 2014

We are here to love and be loved. Be happy! (11/24/12)

Well this week is faster than the last we did a lot though. With the cold coming up it is a great motivation to teach more and have a lot planned. That mean a lot less time outside. We have no snow yet, so we are still counting our blessings but the wind is putting up a real fight. My favorite part of winter though? It would be that it is TEA season! I finally want to start drinking that again. Oh man, I love that. I can't believe I went 18 years without. It is good. My favorite is probably, Classic Peppermint or like a good Blueberry. But it changes so often so tomorrow it could be different. 

Goodbye Dinner with sister Hill! I am gonna miss her!

The time has come, my trainer Elder Olson is going home. I am really going to miss having him here. He is pretty much the coolest. Which is funny to say, I was such a butt head when we were together but now I think he is my favorite companion. Such a good guy. I said goodbye to him on Saturday Night. Sister Hill from Gävle is also going home and that is kinda mind blowing! She is awesome too. I will miss her a ton for sure. If I can say anything certain about my time here on my mission, it is that I am forming some of my most fond friendships here. I love it. 

#SabbathDaySelfie from Anton. 
The work is going great! At Stake Conference they assigned us (Hägersten Ward) a new Stake Missionary pair. They are amazing, they are really going to change this ward, I am really excited to work with them. We have been contacting a lot lately looking for new people to teach and something really funny happened. We were walking down a street and talking to everyone and no one would even let us get past us saying that we were talking about our church...! It was pretty hard. Then I had this idea to just start contacting in English, to throw off my companion and stuff. It work! All the contacts after that were like good! They listened! English is the secret. They are like curious where we come from and then they love USA so that works for the ice breaker... Who would have known? Why have I been speaking Swedish the last 15 months...? haha

Me and TOM. He is so cool.

Well Mr. Steenblik (Highschool Choir teacher) would be pretty proud of me for church yesterday. Yes, we did a musical number! Elder Sandquist, Me and the young women sang the EFY Medley for Ward Conference. It sound pretty great actually and we had a ton of fun getting that ready. I would lead the practices and I loved acting just like Mr. Steenblik did when he taught us! I decided I know my dream calling in the church. Ward Choir Director. I am totally talking with God about that. 

A letter that just made my week.

Saturday was a pretty awesome day, I'll end with that. So Annika Sjökvist (My Swedish mother from Gävle) had a niece that lives in my area! We just discovered that a few weeks ago, So we planned a time that we could come and Fika with her. So she told me that her husband was out of town so we would have to wait a few weeks until her brother could be there too. So we planned for this last Saturday. Well little to my knowledge, Annika and Monika had planned to surprise me with all the kids when I got there. So it was a very well kept secret, I had my suspicions. I think to much into things not to catch on a little but it was so good. We had a great time and I loved being with all of them. Annika brought me some Homemade Apple sauce so basically it was 100% perfect day.

A bunch of my favorite people in Sweden. 

I love you all so much. I just know that this church is true. It has to be. I love God so much and His Son, Jesus Christ is my savior and my best friend. I believe that with my whole heart. I also know that we are here on the earth to ENJOY life! We are here to love and be loved. Be happy! There is only one other choice and being sad is not as FUN! I love you all! 

We are SO cool.

Have a great week!

Äldste Farnworth

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