Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We are out sharing the gift of Jesus Christ (12/15/14)

Hello World!

The winter continued this week. With cold, cold, cold temperatures. We are getting down to 0 degrees but the weather is bouncing around there so we aren't getting any snow! Which is sad, because of the darkness and the lack of sun, the snow brings a sense of light to the country so we are early awaiting the first arrival. It is raining right now, I would say that we are maybe a little far away from that. Of well! Life moves on! and it is moving fast! Christmas Eve is in 9 days! Wow! In Sweden, I don't know if you guys remember but the big day that they all celebrate is Christmas Eve that is when Santa comes and they open all the presents and stuff. So we are just well on our way to the big day. All effective missionary work is about to get in the holiday mode, meaning we are getting the responses: "How about we just plan something for after Christmas?"  The whole missionary side is upset but Kaleb is far too deep in the Christmas spirit to be anything but happy and over joyed! 

Last night we went the The Bertilson's house and we watched as a ward the Christmas Devotional. Believe it or not but it was the first address from the Church I have watched all in Swedish. It was really cool to hear all the messages and better it was really cool to understand them too! I love Swedish. That is quickly becoming my favorite thing. I love the Swedish Accent and just everything that it includes. Ah. I love Sweden.

Our investigator is doing really good. He is getting really excited about his Baptism. We finally got through all the lessons and he is like set. He is so ready and it was really awesome to teach him he last few lessons and just to see his trust in the Lord and how accepting he is and it is a huge blessing to see his faith that he has in the answers that he has gotten. I think that is something that is really interesting to see. We are promised answers to our prayers if we are really honestly searching. However, the search or journey isn't over once we just get the answer, in my opinion, that is when the journey begins. That is when the "doing" starts. We have to have faith to follow the council we receive or we have to have faith that it plainly came from God. It has been cool to see that when we challenge him to pray about, The Book of Mormon for example. When he got the answer it was true, the follow-up question is: Now what are you going to DO with that knowledge? That is the important and character defining part to me! All the same, he has decided to act and he is so sure in his choice, I am so excited for him and grateful to be involved in the process. Such a blessing. 

Well we had a real adventure this week. Yes we did. The young women had there own little Lucia Night. So we did a Luciatåg- Google it if you don't know what is it. I will send some pictures of the night. Remember that it isn't a joke, we are the Star Boys. Not sure what role we play but we just stood there and sung our little hearts out. It was a good time.  

This is not a joke!

Well Christmas is here. We are out and sharing the gift of Jesus Christ and I loving every minute of it. I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!

I love you all! 

Äldste Farnworth

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