Monday, March 9, 2015

I am not sure life gets better... (3/9/15)

We had a pretty crazy fast week this week and there was a lot of good things that happened! I will start with Monday night, we had an awesome Family Night the young single adults in the ward are the bomb. We had a really great time. We had a picture contest and we ended up making some really funny pictures! I will try to send them and see if that works. It was awesome, we ended the night with a perfect Kladdkaka (a half bake version of Brownies) it is the best thing ever.

This whole week we have really done awesome with teaching! We found a new investigator and I really like him. He has been taught before and he is like super cool. He really already has a strong testimony of the church, to bad cause he can't be baptized cause he comes from a Muslim background and it gets a little touchy to change religions. But he really likes meeting and we love teaching him. He is coming to a lot of activities and it is overall really an awesome situation. Pray for him though, he could really use it. 
Sister Powell and Spencer!

We had this investigator class on Thursday and that was awesome. Our Ward Mission leader is pretty awesome, he is like a boss at teaching people. He is a motivational speaker so he better be pretty good, I guess. We had two of investigators there and they really liked it a lot. Heck, I even learned some new things. He is a good guy, from Sweden, went to England on his mission and even baptized a girl whom he later married. Pretty cool I thought. 

My MTC elders! These guys rock.
We also went to Göteborg again! It was a crazy cool day. Everything we learned from the leaders were totally awesome. We had a member of the Seventy come and teach us, Elder Donaldson was his name. Really nice guy, it was cool to get together as always and see my friends that are here. We took some awesome pictures! We had a crazy ride home when the conductor of our train was missing! As soon as the train was to leave, a voice comes and say that when he is found we will depart. We ended up on a bus pulling into Jönköping at about Midnight. Those are the nights to remember, right?

This is me, beating the crap out of Oscar.
This week I literally did more physically exercise than I have like... Ever before. It was pathetic. We had for the Friday Night activity a Boxing night taught from a member who I call 'Prince Charming". He is like good at everything and it's kinda just stupid, haha.  But he came and whipped my freaking butt. We did like a lot of hard things and I honestly felt like I was going to to die. Straight up, I just felt like I was at the end and my little light was going to go out. A little dramatic but those are the thoughts that went through my head as I laid there after it all was over. This was not all we did. The next day was Saturday, which means Basketball. I was so sore that I could barley shower. So basketball was a joke, really fun and I enjoyed it but a joke nonetheless. With the hope that my pain would soon be over as basketball drew towards an end... I remember that we had told the sister we would be there for when they wanted to play a little Volleyball with few members they were working with. On the bright side, they also promised a brief Waffle Break between the two activities. So I ate and then slowly and resentfully back onto the dreaded court. It went well, every time I went for the ball I await a painful shot of soreness to my arms.  It was a bittersweet experience but I felt great after it was over! I felt so accomplished! I realized that I am being completely overly dramatic but I just wanted to try to paint the picture of what I went through and felt. I am glad to report that only two days later, I am recovering quite quickly.

The view from my window... So nice.

This next week is really exciting! I am super stoked, on Thursday we have District Meeting. After that, I will be going on splits to SKÖVDE! Yes! They just doubled in and are having a hard time getting things started so they have asked me to come and set up a few things and help them get in the door with a few people! I made a few calls and I have made a few great appointments! So I am so excited. 

And..... Beautiful Sweden
I can't think much else to say, Elder Jones continues to be an awesome companion. We have a great time together, he is a hard worker and really becomes more and more of a friend to me ever day! Jönköping in itself is becoming amazing. The weather is officially changed, we are coming soon into Spring!! Which like makes everything amazing. I love seeing the sun with I wake up. It is awesome! You can see the weather change in the people, they open up and you see that they are all happy with spring too! 

Sweden is treating me well and I have nothing to complain about. We have had waffles for breakfast everyday this week, so I am not sure life gets better...? Probably not. 

Love you all! Miss you all! 

Your Swedish Missionary, 
Äldste Kaleb Farnworth

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