Monday, March 30, 2015

So we went on a little road trip... (3/30/15)

Me at a museum. 
Family Night Tortillas!
This week was a rockstar week! We really did a lot and had a great time doing it! We can start with P day! We had a great day spent a lot of time with Rasmus and Caroline and then had an awesome night at Family Night. Not that many people showed up but with the few that we had there we had a really good time. We were all really hungry and we had like nothing in the church kitchen expect for flour, oil and water. So we made do with that! We made some homemade tortillas and then dip them into some Cinnamon sugar! It was a ton of fun. Jönköping played Linköping again and we just sat around the radio listening to that and eating food. It was a really close game for most of it but we lost it at the last second. Final score was 4-2 and that was the deciding game for the playoffs for Jönköping but there is always next year! I was pretty upset about, however, even though I was just introduced to this sport about 2 weeks ago... Still, Hockey is really cool. We had a great night. There is a member named Emilie that is here and she was with us, she is the best. Plain and Simple.
This road trip was actually
really fun!

We had the Zone Leaders come for work overs this week. Which are like the most stressful things ever, they both come into our area and then we split for the day both working in Jönköping. So I was scared I was going to just be stressed all day but the day actually was stress free and a lot of fun. I was elder Orr for the day, he is from Middleton, Idaho and is a terribly awesome person! We had a great time! The coolest part of the day was this referral we contacted, it was like way out of the way and with bus would have taken like 4 hours but the Zone Leaders brought their car! So we really capitalized on that, so we went on a little road trip. 

So much fun!
Our cute District!
It was quite the risk, we had no phone number and we only had an address so had we gotten there and she wasn't home it would have been a huge waste of time! BUT faith is real and she was home! She let us right in and we quickly found out that it wasn't her that referred herself but instead a mission that lived with her family about 50 years ago when she was little girl. After this lady found out she had cancer the old missionary offered to send the missionaries to give her a blessing. So there we were. We quickly found out she was an atheist and didn't think that she could ever believe, but nonetheless she accepted a blessing and we gave her one willingly. I was really scared as to what would happen actually, giving a blessing to someone who didn't believe in God seemed a bit crazy, but I was excited. The blessing was awesome, totally deep and really pure. What happened after was the greatest part, after the amen, there was totally silence. Not one word was said for about 5-7 minutes, we just stood there without moving and felt the spirit so strong. She was very touched and couldn't hold back tears. There was no giant conversion that happened there that she said but she was very willing to have us back and it was clear that she felt the spirit. I am so grateful for that. It was an unforgettable experience. Such a tender mercy.

Learning to dance...

The big lift!
We had a great activity this week for the Friday Night Fun Night - we had Ocsar's friend Jonas teach us how to LindyHop! It is a 50's kind of dancing and it was really cool. I guess also referred to as west coast swing! We had a great time and it really made the night awesome. I had to dance with elder Jones the whole time seeing that it probably wouldn't be so great if I danced with a girl, but it was still all good. Towards the end this was a member named Marcus who we created a little dance together it was pretty advance stuff including various lifts and flips! I will include just one picture from that. It was a good night! 

Waffle Day!
We got our transfers call this week, which was awesome! I am staying here in Jönköping and getting Elder Pearson. He is a pretty old missionary so that will be cool. I am pretty excited to stay here a little longer. This place is the! To prove my point we had waffle day this last week. Which most missionaries didn't do anything special... Here in Jönköping we had a whole brunch party! Waffles for everyone!! It was a lot of fun, the Väster Frölunda missionaries that were coming for splits just happened to have a waiting time for their connecting train so like they joined in! It was so much fun! 

Different but cool!
Just my lucky number!
We had a killer week to be honest! So much fun and we got a LOT done. The time is just moving so fast I just don't know what to think! Spring is here and that just means so much awesomeness in Sweden! The Sun is out and the people are starting to be happy again! In Sweden they decorate the city with this twigs with feather glued to the top of them. It sounds really weird but is actually really cool! I will send some pictures!! 

Love you all so much! I miss you! 

Äldste Kaleb Farnworth

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