Monday, March 9, 2015

These crazy people I call friends. (3/2/15)

This week was really great actually. We had a lot to do and every person that met here is just awesome. So the more I meet, the more I love this area. 

When in a cool church... what do you do?
Take a Selfie.
We can start with the weather. It is finally getting warmer and warmer everyday. I love it, I am finally feeling like the sun is getting normal and that just makes you feel so much better with every phase of the work. I love waking up in the morning and not having it be dark the whole morning. It makes everything happier including the people we met with! We started the week off with Family Home Evening with the youth here, they are really cool and we had a great time with them. They are pretty cool and like all returned missionaries. So that is fun to have a room that we all get it, they also served in England almost every one so basically it is all English. This whole ward speaks more English that I am ever seen before. Like everyone speaks English, which is fun and cool but I am split cause I need to learn Swedish more. So it is like a half struggle. But all in all the ward is amazing. So many nice and young families.. We have a full primary which like changes the feel of church. You don't realize how much the crying babies and laughing babies makes a difference in sacrament. They add a lot of life. So next time you are annoyed with that crying baby in the back... Don't be!

These crazy people I call friends.

We had a few really good lessons this week. We have a lot to work with so that like makes everything a little more smooth. There is always someone to meet and we have a great timing meeting with everyone. The lessons that we taught went up and down we have one guy we meet with that is like really awesome. He is really progressing really fast. Due to a few things, Baptism is looking a little bit longer down the road but we love meeting with him and he loves it as well. We has been coming to church with members since I got here and the ward just really loves him. So that is really great to have to the chance to teach someone so awesome. 

I Love Göteborg!

We went to Göteborg this week and that was AWESOME. It was my first time having the chance to go back since I was just a greenie in Skövde. We had a zone training and that itself was really nice as well. It was all about becoming practicing missionaries. Not just know how to teach the lesson but really KNOWING the doctrine and why we teach what we teach. It felt to give me a new drive to really learn about the things we are doing it was really cool. We took 5 minute videos of us actually teaching some of the lessons by memory and I quickly realized that there can be much improvement in my teaching. So the video was a good way to see what others see. Really cool!

We had a really great sports night on Friday. Volleyball. Our ward mission leader was there, he is awesome. Like a really cool guy, but let him tell you... I hope he is reading this, he can 'smack talk' like no other. Oh man, at first we were on the same team so it was like no problem but when it was switched, it got pretty ugly. But I lost in the end. So I had to be humble and be nice afterwards! That is one of my favorite parts of this area; Like we have a ton of awesome activities that we can invite cool people to come and be awesome. Like it is the best and funnest way to do missionary work!

This beautiful church in Göteborg

Well I have some pictures to give proof of my awesome adventure.
I love you all a lot and hope you are loving life too!
have a great week!

Äldste Farnworth

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