Monday, March 23, 2015

#TheLife (3/23/15)

Göteborg Zone Laser Tagging!
I don’t even know what to think with how fast the weeks are just flying by. I just feel like every other day I am sitting here writing these emails! This week was a great week though. It was so much fun last P day with going into Göteborg to have some Laser Tag wars with the Zone. We had almost the whole zone there, actually. We had really great time. We had a member named Oscar who is totally awesome drive us into Göteborg, we had a little picnic with just us Jönköping Missionaries and Oscar before we went to have the time of our lives. I did really well, not really. I think my final score at the end of it was like 24 of 26. So like I actually probably sucked, but I got the energy there. I was yelling at everyone like we were invading Vietnam it was so much fun. I think my team won the second match so we were doing something right. It was really cool to take a mini “road trip” I guess you could say to Göteborg. Like it reminded me of my family trip to California! We had a really great time.

The HOCKEY crew!
        This week I just met the coolest couple in the entire world, Rasmus and Caroline. They are the best. They are from Jönköping but studying/working in Linköping right now, anyways, they were in Jönköping for the last 2 week and it took about 10 minutes for me to just love them. They are just l
ike the best people ever. We went to the Hockey game with a bunch of people on Thursday! We had our investigator Tommy come with us and it was SO COOL. Like Hockey is the greatest sport ever. The game was awesome, it was Jönköping against Linköping so there was a lot of emotion attached seeing that I have served in both areas. But due to the fact that I am currently in Jönköping… that is my team. It was a playoff game so it was a ton of fun. We were screaming loud, encouraging all the fights and have a great time. It was overall a great time. Rasmus and I took some sick selfie’s with the players and such ;) We had a great time. Alex treated us to Tacos before the game so literally there was about nothing to complain about at all. #TheLife 

Selfie with Rasmus and the players!
(They are in the background) 
      In not so fun news, we did
get dropped by our most promising investigator this week. It was a rough break but he has decided to stay in his life as a Catholic. It was a really hard lesson but he couldn’t get over the fact that God can actually talk with us! It just made me SO glad to have a testimony of a Loving Heavenly Father. Like seriously though, it was crazy to have someone tell me that God doesn’t waste his time talking to us. It is a huge blessing to know he is there listening and loving us and TALKING to us! So I think it was a hard thing to see him decide this but I feel like I learned a new level of gratitude for the gospel that we have. Like this church is so good.  So there was my very positive spin of a hard missionary moment.

Family Night with the Salo's
       I have just decided to start seeing the world in this new happy light. Like the fact of the matter is that hard stuff happens and there ain’t a thing we can do about it. Not one. But we can be positive! I firmly believe that living with a positive attitude and a happy outlook on life is the way to feel healthy inside! It really changes the way we function! It has totally changed my life. I am so grateful for the hard experiences I am giving the outlook I choose to have. Plus, it is easier when you are surrounded with amazing people who help you feel great too!
Best Lunch Ever. Mums.

On Saturday, we had a big lunch with a lot of members after Basketball and that was a ton of fun as well. We went to this Mongolian Wok Bar. So like you get all the stuff you want them to grill for you then they grill it in front of you, it was super good. We were in great company, and have a great time. That night we went to a member’s house for these Fika times. Which are like members that open their house to our investigators and less actives so we can help them feel more comfortable at church, we had quite a turn out! It was really cool actually. The members here are super great and really are missionary minded.
Sister Bolton working hard!
We just did so many fun things this week; I will end with a few more. We went to our ward missionary leader also to do some service. I have told you before that he is quite the character… He a super great ward mission leader so it was really nice to be able to come and help him. We cleaned windows for like 3 hours which actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it went really fast and we were in good company so we had a blast!
'Groupie' at the bishop's dinner :)
       This is getting long so just one more story. Innebandy finally happened again this week! I think the last real game I had was in Gävle and that was too long ago! We had that for the Friday Night Activity and it was awesome. I was rusty though. So that sucked. It took me a while until I could back into it, but I really enjoyed myself. After the game we skipped dinner and just chilled with everyone that was there, we had some super good times with them! Ah, I just love the people that are here. It was great!!
Crazy Week with these guys!
       I know we did a lot this week but it feels like it was literally the fastest week ever. Time is obsolete. I have no idea what is happening, I feel like I will be home before any of us knows it.

       I love you all! I love Sweden SO much, this is home now. I don’t know how I am going to leave this place but we will see! Thank you to everyone who is making my mission the best, both those in Sweden and at home. You all are so great.

Your Swedish Missionary,

Äldste Farnworth

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