Monday, March 16, 2015

Skövde Part II. It was unbelievably cool! (3/16/15)

This week was the best week ever. It went so fast I can't ever believe it. But it was really fun! 

We started out pretty normal with Family Night and that was really cool I like the people in the youth group here a lot so like any chance to be with them is gladly taken. We have a younger investigator who likes to come so we are like always with him. It is really cool for everyone. We have been really big into making cakes lately, especially Kladdkaka like I said before. So instead of lunch last week we just made a double size cakes on Monday. It was so legit. The whole P day was an over all success! 

Kimberly and her wonderful family
This is Vince and Olof. They are
super cool.
This week I got the chance to go on splits with the Skövde missionaries! Skövde
Part II. It was unbelievably cool. That is the area that it's started my mission so it was really neat to be able to go back there and serve for a few days! We visited all of my good friends and people we worked a lot with! I tried to take pictures with everyone we will see what I have though. We met with the Sahlberg family, Vince, Robert, and then Kimberly and her family. I loved every minute of it, so like I was really thankful for that opportunity to be there. The elder there have been having a hard time getting the work going so I hope that helped! I had so much fun with all of the people I met, It felt really cool to be able to be gone almost a year and a half and then come back and be warmly welcomed as if I had never left. It was so great. I love the people of Skövde and I just wish I had more time to visit with everyone. Some day! 
Beautiful Skövde

This picture, although blurry
Explains him perfectly.
So there is a new program or initiative that we are doing here as a mission and that is to teach the main lessons to someone everyday, even if that someone is a member. We don't have a crazy ton of investigators here in Sweden so sometimes it can be a while before a missionary will teach all the lessons so we are starting to role play them with members and let me tell you... It is so cool. Like I honestly feel the same feeling from what I remember from when they were real. It is a great way to get teaching to feel more relaxed and getting comfortable in the doctrines and such. Plus it is super fun. 

We are continuing to plant and grow anything and everything. I will send some action in the moment shots of how great they are growing. That is what we do in our spare time.
Found this on the Skövde phone. So cool.
This one is a bit shorter but all in all this week was great. I am loving this area and the members here. I live living on the lake and seeing that every morning! The sun is entering into the Summer Phase do we wake up to that... Let me tell you, that makes waking up like a billion times easier. 
Today we are taking a road trip to like Göteborg and we are going to play Laser Tag with some people and it will be so awesome! So I will have some sick picture for you all soon.
Love you all!
See you soon enough.

Äldste Kaleb Farnworth 

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